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Bin Boss is all about providing affordable, courteous and quality cleaning services to the treasured communities in our service area. And now our services extend well beyond basic bin cleaning packages to include full-service pressure washing at a price you just can’t beat. Why not book a pressure wash at the same time we’re in your neighbourhood washing bins? It’s just that easy!

Bin Boss bin cleaning vehicles feature exceptional build quality and unmatched performance, all in a platform custom-tailored to your requirements and branding.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a quote!

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 The famous Bin Boss truck gets a lot of smiles and waves as we diligently work our routes but many of our customers don’t know how versatile our cleaning truck really is. (equipment specs) Our powerful wash truck comes fully equipped with spray heads and state of the art pressure washing bays that allow us to easily hook up commercial grade pressure washers that get the job done. Our pressure washing services rely solely on recycled water bays for the most efficient and eco-friendly cleaning experience.

Keep Your Property Looking Brand New

Bin Boss’ regular pressure washing services work effectively on any surface of your home or commercial property. We’ll clean a wide range of services from brick and concrete to wood, tile and vinyl. Our seasoned technicians work quickly and safely with a no damage and no mess guarantee!

By regularly removing dirt, mold and weathering from every inch of your property you can secure its look and durability for a lifetime. Storeowners and commercial property managers get peace of mind that a clean facade and walkway will keep customers safe and happy. Don’t wait to take advantage of Bin Boss’ friendly and reliable local pressure washing service.

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