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Garbage Day Doesn’t End With Curbside Pickup

Don’t Bring Dirty Garbage and Recycling Bins Back Inside

Raccoons, Rodents and Squirrels

navigate your neighbourhood with a heightened sense of smell and touch. They come from far and wide to look for leftovers in your dirty garbage bin.

Flies, Fleas and Maggots

lay eggs and feed on fermenting produce, food scraps and moist areas in your dirty garbage pails. With a life-cycle of nearly one week imagine what happens to a bin that sits out all summer!

Bacteria, E. coli and Salmonella

are caused by foodborne bacteria from discarded poultry, dairy or meat products and they all live in dirty garbage pails!

Common Molds like Alternaria and Penicillium

originate from broken down plant and animal matter living in dirty bins before getting released in spores that spread throughout your home!


Prepaid Plans

Subscription Plans

Bi-Monthly Subscription

2 Bins
$20/every 2nd month

We Do Commercial Garbage Bin Cleaning

Contact us for details.

Garbage Bin Cleaning is Quick and Easy with Bin Boss


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Wait For Garbage Day!

Take your garbage bins to the curb for collection and leave them out for Bin Boss to clean!

Collect Your Clean Bins!

Bin Boss makes every effort to ensure you’re never inconvenienced by our visit. We quickly and courteously handle your garbage pails and place them neatly back!

Why Choose
Bin Boss?

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We Care For Our Community

We care about the environment, your community, and your neighbourhood. Bin Boss recycles and reuses water in an onboard container and never uses harmful chemicals. When we make our rounds in your community we drive with extra care and concern for your streets and property. Customers have never been inconvenienced by our services!

We Keep Our Prices Low!

Bin Boss makes sure that all of our commercial and residential trash bin cleaning services are affordable and efficient. It’s easy to schedule, pay and receive our cleaning services and we always make sure to exceed expectations!

We Value Our Customers!

We get our customers by offering high-quality services and creating trust within every community we serve. We keep our customers by being affordable and always available to chat online, on the phone or in person. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, or give us a wave when the Bin Boss truck is in your neighbourhood!


Bin Boss uses a high pressure and high heat wash treatment on every trash bin to guarantee maximum effectiveness.


Next, we apply an eco-friendly disinfectant that kills 99% of the germs and bacteria that builds up in plastic trash and recycling bins.

Eco-Friendly Rinse

Finally, we end the cleaning process with a thorough rinse using clean recycled water from our onboard holding tanks.

Our Three Step Process

What our customers say

“A-ma-zing! Our bins were so gross – especially the garbage bin and they look and smell amazing. The bins were neatly tucked at the bottom of the driveway and the payment process was super easy/convenient. Bin boss will get our business again!” Allison S-M.

“Was beyond impressed with the outcome. The bins look and smell brand new. The bins were also put neatly on the property. Very professional will be getting them done next year when the season starts back up.” Carrie M.

“I will definitely be recommending you, bins were spotless and had a clean smell. Thank you!” Matt K.

“This company does a great job. I tried a few times to clean our bins, but could never get this clean. I will be using this company regularly and I highly recommend them.” Robert D.

Don’t Settle for dirty bins and unwanted pests

Contact us today with any questions you may have about our services, and be sure to book a cleaning today!

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